Problem with widget (please help)

Hello there!

I have widget with value of players in team Red and team Blue.


I’am created system to choose team.
Its working but have problem with replication it to multiplayer system.
The replication text’s which are binding to buttons but its not working - client and servers doesnt see their selections.
I mean: if client click Join - server doesnt see client selection and if server click - client doesnt see server selection.
I don’t know what to do. I need help! :frowning:

Please! I will be very glad.

When you create a Widget object, it is only created on the local machine (Server’s machine if you are calling it from the server, otherwise, whichever client you are creating it from). This means that replication of variables in a widget will do nothing. If you want an event to occur on widgets for multiple players, you should look at signaling that event inside of a replicated Blueprint (Such as your Player Controller), and then replicating it to all other clients with something like a multicast event.

Thank you very much! :smiley: I solve it!!!