Problem with wheels collisions

Recently I started to learn to use UE4. I wanted to make a simple working vehicle, but there is a weird problem with wheels physics: they don’t work.
I checked all solutions I could find, but nothing helped. In most cases the problem was about wheels’ location, but I checked hitboxes with pxvis collision command and they are in the right place. They even collide with the player camera in play mode, but they go through the ground and other physical objects. To test it I even tried moving all other hitboxes except wheels few meters up to see if wheels’ hitboxes are misplaced, but they aren’t. I checked skeletal mesh few times, but it’s not the problem.
Also: only wheels had this problem while the rest of the car interacted normally with physical objects.
I tried everything I found and I can’t see the problem, but it still doesn’t work. I use the newest version of UE4: version 4.24.0
Here are some screenshots:

So turned out my all issues were caused by my horrible blender skills. (Including car’s size, it was supposed to be half the current size) Also it turned out wheels were at the bottom of the car also rotated wrong, but I don’t know how to fix this in blender. Will probably take some time, before I figure out how to fix it. Also thank you, that debug ccommand helped me a lot and will probably help me in future. Time to learn blender more :stuck_out_tongue:

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Before reading this I managed to move wheels to correct locations, but still need to change rotation. Also wheels’ collisions seem a bit small (I checked all sizes and should be correct, but I will check once more)

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I noticed how rotating bones has no effect on it, but rotation joints does. Parenting is done correctly. Showdebug command doesn’t show wheels’ collisions anymore tho. I tried to do everything same as before, except I rotated those bones…

I did everything as you told me to, but wheels are still not there… I’ll redo everything following tutorial, maybe I missed something important

In the photo you can see what happened when I moved the body hitbox up. Wheels’ collisions are just not there…

So after trying to make it all again from scratch…
(Red sphere in the screenshot is not car’s collison, it’s there even if I delete car)

I figured it out myself and now I have working collisions and car is moving as well as I wanted it to.