Problem with weapon on a character

Hi, I am using Animation Starter Pack from Epic, and I have created an aim offset using this tutorial:

Now I am facing an issue, the left hand is moving more to the left as I look up than he should, making it look weird.
Here’s 2 pictures:

Here I am looking up, all good.

And here I start looking a bit lower:

Any ideas how to make it look good? I have attached the weapon to the right index finger at the moment.

I used to have this issue as well. To fix it, I used a Two Bone IK node.

In your animation BP, you will need to break down your animation pose into its component and then apply the Two Bone IK node

What I actually did was set the IK bone to the left hand bone and then change the Effector Location Space to BCS_BoneName and then set the Effector Space Bone Name to the right hand bone. Then I was able to just place the left hand where it properly needs to go and it will always be in the correct position. The reason I do this is to make sure the left hand doesn’t drag a frame behind when it needs to be updated. I read up a lot about how people would use the Two Bone IK but then the bone movement would lag and look bad.

You can see more information here.

Thanks for the info! However I have a bit of problem understanding the process. Do you by any chance, have a tutorial on how to use Two bone IK nodes?

If you look further down in that thread, there is a screenshot of how someone set up their Two Bone IK node.

Here are the steps:

  1. From the beginning pose or cached pose, drag out a pin and add a Local to Component Node
  2. From the Local to Component node, drag out a pin and add a Two Bone IK node.
  3. Click on the Two Bone IK node.
  4. Set the IK bone to your left hand bone.
  5. Set the Effector Location Space to Bone Space.
  6. Set the Effector Space Bone Name to your right hand bone.
  7. With the Two Bone IK node selected, you should see a target in your preview on the left that will allow you to move the left hand into the correct position. Moving this will change the Effector Location XYZ values in the Two Bone IK node.
  8. After you have finished placing your left hand bone, from the Two Bone IK node, drag the pin out and add a Component to Local node.
  9. Connect the Component to Local node to the finishing pose or into a new cache node.

Hope this helps.

Thank you! This worked, it seemed way harder from the other thread.

Hey there,

Thanks for the reply and it looks like it will work but I’m having an issue with my elbow rotation going funny, dont suppose you know how i can sort this outcbf6d5209291d76b60b47198367204c3.png