Problem With Walking Stairs Animation Looping

Hey everyone, Im trying to animate a cinematic in Unreal 4 and Im having this problem that when I activate the animation on the sequencer instead of the character keeps climbing the stairs it gets back to the starting point. I have looked a lot already on how to fix this but I dont know exactly what to look for so I can’t solve the problem. I have recorded a very small video to try to show the problem:

I want the character to keep climbing indefinetly instead of getting back to the beginning, there’s any simple way to do it in U4 or it’s better to just animate it climbing the whole stairs in blender. I just thought this way would be more practical but now I dont know how to make this work.

Thanks! Vitor S

Kill the z translation in blender and treat as in-place. Move the character up the stairs in UE4 with the movement component and anim blueprint?

You can either use root motion climbing up a few steps and turning, or just animate the whole stair animation in Blender instead and teleport the character to the final position after the animation.

I tried that but when zero the Z all the bones get aligned like really into a line so I done it manually and It didnt look very good, the feet didnt even touch the stairs right, it was like it was moonwalking the stairs

I searched for something about rootmotion and It didnt worked, nothing changed, it still teleports. About animating the whole stairway, that is what I did but there’s something with unreal that the farther the character goes, the camera has to be farther too or the chracter disapears from the render, That would be a good choice since I was only doing this for a pure animation render, not a game, but I have absolutly no Idea why that was happening

I watched a few tutorials about animating for games and I will try to do it static like a game walk cycle next time, maybe it will be better because animating the whole thing demands a lot of time that I could be improving the animation and I still couldn’t do the close-ups that I wanted

For a cinematic you do not need any kind of control system and can do the entire animation in-place. just export the stairs and animate the full cycle and snap the player animation so it matches up with the stairs and fire away. Check out the matinee example as that’s how it was done.