Problem with VR preview

I’m a complete beginner with UE4 so I may well have missed something obvious here. I’m having problems with performance if I open a first person project in VR preview mode. If I run the oculus debug tool as a HUD in the oculus display it also shows the “dropped application frames” in the red, and rising very rapidly (100 frames every two or three seconds). The FPS counter is reading a steady 45 fps which seems very low as I’m getting 90 fps with games. Any advice would be appreciated.

What’s your specs? GPU, CPU?
Do you meet the recommended specs?

When you say you ‘open a first person project’ do you mean a newly created default project?

Cheers, Fred

Hi. I’m using a GTX 970 and an i5 2500k (overclocked to 4gz), 8gb DDR3, so I assume I’m pretty borderline as far as recommended specs go. As for the project, I was referring to the “first person” blueprint on the projects tab (with starter content). In the VR preview of that blueprint I noticed the lateral movement of the gun was very jittery, so I ran the oculus debug tool as an overlay to see the frames per second count (45). I also noticed the “dropped application frames” was in the red and rising at a very high and steady rate. All seems okay in apps and games outside the editor, so I’m not sure what’s going on. Cheers.