Problem with Visual Studio Auto-Complete resp. InteliSense


I have a big problem with the Visual Studio ( tried in 2017 and 2019) auto-correct (IntelliSense). Some times it works, and, in a new Project or another C++ Class, it will not get Keywords highlighted and will not make any suggestions on auto-complete (which is frustrating in progress of learning UE4 C++).

I googled around since yesterday morning. The only workaround which seems to help ist to delete .vs, Binaries, Intermediate, Saved and *.sln in Project Folder and regenerate the VS Files.

But is this all? Why does this happen so often with new classes and I have to do this time-consuming workaround ?

Is this the right way? Do I miss something?

In the tutorials I watched, this was never a thing. I did exactly (checked multiple times), what is in the documentation on seting up Visual Studio for UE.

I am not new to programming, worked with BPs before and now wanted to start with C++ in UE4. But it is really frustrating and it really slows me down in learning. I lost hours on googleing workarounds, restaring UE4 and VS. Yesterday, after hours, I really thought about changing the Engine (Godot, Unity)…

I hope you guys can give me a little help. This is frustrating.

Thanks a lot!

Disclaimer: no english native speaker :wink:

Intellisense is also not really working for me ( UE 4.25, VS2019 )
Sometimes if I regenerate project files it works, then it stops working again after modifications to code.

Also not working when using Resharper C++, haven’t tried Visual Assist.

Specifically it can’t find the physixs header file? Px.h etc
Alsoerrors with “UBT_COMPILED_PLATFORM/UBT_COMPILED_PLATFORMPlatformCompilerPreSetup.h” which here Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-87619) says it is fixed for vs code, but apparently it’s not just VS code it’s in Visual Studio too… target is 4.26 and I don’t wanna wait for 4.26 to have intellisense. (for someone learning UE engine architecture, it’s a dealbreaker).

Now I could theoretically build the dev branch of unreal engine to have that commit in it… but that sounds like a very bad idea.


I found out this **temporary **fix:…-set-to-vs2019

i hava the same problem … errors with “UBT_COMPILED_PLATFORM/UBT_COMPILED_PLATFORMPlatformCompilerPreSetup.h”

Intellisense isn’t very good at parsing large codebases or UE’s complex macros etc. Also, if you follow the visual studio setup guide Epic states that they recommend disabling the error list.

If you’re planning to do a lot of CPP work, getting a copy of Visual Assist or Resharper is pretty essential. Almost any experienced UE4 dev is using one or the other. I’m a VAX user personally, couldn’t work without it.