Problem with Video on User Interface

Hi There Everyone

Wonder if you may be able to help me out I am pretty new to UE4 but getting my head around it but i am stuck on something at the mo let me explain what i have done so far

I have the basic test level and i have created a teleport in the Level BluePrints to teleport from one place to another which works great once then when you go back it doesnt work again which is the 1st bug 2nd thing is i need to add a delay into the exit part so that while the 9sec cutscene plays you havent appeared so when the cutscene ends you appear

3rd problem i am having is when you trigger the teleport i have made it so it plays a short cutscene in the User Interface which plays perfectly but once the Cutscene ends it stays on the screen and thats it is there away to then close the MediaPlayer down and return back to normal HUD and carry on

I will post the BluePrint i have made below so you can see what i have done if its completely wrong let me know as need to learn

Cheers in Advance