Problem with using Unreal Engine in IRAN...

Hi Epic.
I’m an Unreal Engine user from iran and been working with it quite a while.
Recently you have placed IRAN and 4 other countries in your sanctions list and that is really disapointing.
I could somehow understand that but some questions remain…

  1. Isn’t there a single way for us to sell our games worldwide? while in our country?
  2. Will moving to a new country help us? I mean migrating to Turkey or somewhere else to escape this situations?
  3. Can i find a publisher (Ubi, Deep Silver or whatever else) to publish my game? while I’m in iran? wouldn’t that make problem?

Thank you

Unfortunately, you will have to move to a different country. There are some things that are out of the control of Epic.

However, there are ways around it, however, I don’t feel like adding to my already thick file that I know exists…

The problem is, how do you want to sell your game? Unfortunately all the great internet companies are from US, so you won’t be able to put your game on steam or any other digital marketplace. You would have to sell your game on your own website and you could only get paid with bitcoin.

However, you could have a friend in some other country which does all these things for you, so he would officially sell your game and would give you the money. For development you can just bypass the sanctions with a VPN.