Problem with Unreal answers...

…I cant access it at all. Even main page throw this error.


Perhaps a firewall or some other restrictive service is blocking access on your end?

No, I dont have nor firewall, nor antivirus or any other such program, since I visit only youtube, github and stack overflow.
All I have is native windows defender and firewall, which I dont touched at all.

I cant even connect to it through VPN. What is it? Problem with my IP?

I’ve seen that error before, especially when redirection isn’t working properly. It often appears randomly or comes in waves. So try a few experiments first… Clear out your browser cache and re-login and re-test. Also, disable cookies and / or javascript, and re-test. Try a different browser too if possible. Basically there seems to be more layers of account security / redirection when using AnswerHub versus the Forums for some reason, which is part of the issue.

But the whole thing is outsourced which is why there was a show-stopping licensing error recently. This might also help explain why Epic don’t always see the problems, unless users report them.:wink: But something else you need to consider. The AH and Forums are dead, so you may not even get a reply. Also, remember to QUOTE / TAG users to ensure they receive a notification that you followed-up when its not their thread. @Solid_ton [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER]