Problem with Unity asset

Hello there,
I am quite new to unreal and also in the third dimension :smiley:

I made some simple tests with free unity assets before I decided to buy an asset. Yes, an explicit this stuff doesn´t fit well…

This is the content of the fbx file (there are only some animations below).

This is how the fbx file looks… Ok, you can see, its a mesh with his staff in his hand, but wait… there is an other staff below…
Thats not all to mention here… As you can see from the content list, there are exactly 4 versions of the same mesh in the fbx. They differ only ni their color.

The next thing is -> The mesh is in an specific pose. Ok, skeleton seems to work right.

The first attempt was to simply import this file in unreal. This looks like this:
Ok, model looks right, but the staff is know real content of the mesh… The skeleton looks right, too. But there is an interesting thing:
The staff is part of the skeleton…

After this, I imported the fbx in 3ds max (content list):

I tried to delete the staff and all of the mesh duplications. In 3ds max it looks right, but importing it in unreal it has an broken skeleton (only root bone).

So, the question is: How can I delete the staff (and the duplications) from the character model with a correct skeleton? The animations are not that neccessary.

Best regards.

In UE4 if you are using a skeleton and you have something linked to one of the skeleton bones then that will be considered part of the skeleton, you can’t use Skinned meshes with rigid objects.

Yeah, ok. Thats ok for me, but how can I fix it? Like I said, I am totaly new to 3d and all its relationships, so can you please give me some hints? I am only interested in the character mesh and its skeleton…

Idk about max but in blender I would just select the staff and then just delete it or seperate it from the skeleton. Then I would just import it as a static mesh and attach it to a socket on your skeletal mesh.

Thats what I do with mixamo characters. Import it to blender, select the mesh(not the skeleton), go to edit mode. Select vertices I dont want and just delete it or separate it and use it as a separate mesh.

Yeah, thats what I did. It works now, but I am not able to get these animations seperatly…

separate the staff delete the extra meshes variation. then create a dummy object with the exact same name as the staff and attach to the hand boneit in lieu of the staff. This way you might be able to use the invisible dummy as a socket and then attach the actual staff object to it. This way the rig would be the same ( naming etc and joint count).
Unity is easier to use in the way it handles fbx. Basically you could just import one fbx containing a lof of different meshes skinned or static and just activate or deactivate them in editor or even at run time. In unreal there is a lot of extra steps to do such simple things…
Hope this helps.