Problem with UMG menu

So I’ve been following the Documentation tutorials pretty closely without issue until today when I started working on the UMG Blueprint MainMenu Tutorial 1. Required Project Setup | Unreal Engine Documentation

My 2 issues are as follows:

Issue 1: The color is extremely faded when playing the menu level ingame

Here it is in the blueprint

And here’s the menu ingame

As you can see, there seem to be some issue with the coloration. I’ve attempted to play with the lighting, but ultimately it did nothing and I don’t really know what to try from there.

Issue 2: I cant actually click any of my buttons.
Below are my Event Graphs for the Menu and Player Character

As you can see, its pretty much the same from the tutorial, except the Player Character Graph which I ended as an Input Mode UI Only rather than an Input Mode Game Only. I did this because when I had Game Only input, my character was still firing projectiles in the main menu, which obviously I didnt want. Switching to UI Input fixed this, but when doing so, I dont seem to get any feedback from the buttons which arent even reading my mouse click.
Do I have to declare the Menu elements as UI mode? If so how?
Also as a second note, when I launch the Menu Level, my Default Pawn (BP_PlayerCharacter) shows up during the first second in the World Outliner before deleting itself. I dont know if this is supposed to happen, but it seemed noteworthy.

Any help with either issue will be greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

Hey there,

i would assume that you have an issue with color inheritance, which probably causing you the trouble.

This occurs when you build your widget tree.

In your case your root widget is the Canvas Panel and if you dont watch out it can happen that the defined widget color in there will be inherited to the children.
I would suggest that the white color in Appearance->Color and Opacity is causing that effect to your child MainMenu.
I cant give you a solution because i always forgot the behaviour of those settings, but i would say play around with those settings in your CanvasPanel as well as in your MainMenu child.