Problem with trio: Root motion, Collision & Character Movement

Hi guys.
I have a problem with my project. While debugging, I encountered the fact that my character cannot jump onto the platform because his collision does not keep up with the character model. After a few days on the forums, I came across “root motion”, which needs to be enabled, and also enabled “root motion mode for everything”. In this case, the character only slightly “jumps out” of the collision, but in this case the character cannot move when jumping, and also does a bad double jump (if I enable root motion also for idle/walk/run animations, the character cannot move at all). I understand that the collision probably can’t bind correctly to root or my variables in the blueprints are not working properly and the character doesn’t understand what speed he is moving/jumping at. Please help me((

Attached a link to a video to make it clearer:

Also attaching my blueprints: