Problem with translucent material


I have a very basic translucent material that works fine until a moveable light hits it at a certain angle/distance. When this happens the material appears to lose it’s translucent effect. So in my instance a player running with a flash light causes a flashing effect. I have played around with as many different settings within the material with no luck in finding a solution that still gives the desired material effect. Disconnecting the “Base Color” node removes the flickering and so does setting the “Shading Model” to “Clear Coat” however these both compromise the overall material. I have also tried removing reflections from the flashlight with nil effect. If anyone has any ideas what may be causing this, I would appreciate the help.


you probably have lighting mode (under translucency) set to one of the vertex modes.
try setting it to surface volume or even forward shading

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Thank you very much. Forward shading did the trick. I had it on surface volume and thought I tried all the other settings but I guess I didn’t. :slight_smile: you saved my hair.

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