Problem with translucency and ray tracing

Hey, guys. I started a new project in UE5 and ran into this problem: if you turn on ray tracing on translucency, then there is such an incomprehensible circle with a shadow. The exponential height fog also works only up to it. What is this bug or can it be fixed somehow?

Same issue here.
A bit more details - when turn on RT on translucency - all shadows became depend from shadow type switcher in translucency shadow settings (post process volume). Looks like there is big translucent object and we inside it.
Is it bug or current build limitation?

I have a similar problem: when I set up the material as translucent, it switches to screen space and ignores RT reflections even when every other opaque material is reflecting as intended.

Yes, all these problems are similar to the early launch of version 4.25! So the output is to wait only for the UE 5 update, and I’m back on the 4.26 version :frowning:

i have the same issue , when i enable ray tracing on translucency my global illumination get disabled idk why