problem with timeline node, please help?

Hello guys,

I am trying to make a top-down game, the player character has a little yellow circle around him, which indicates his location, when the character moves to other side (left side) of the map this circle gets bigger.

My issue here is that I am trying to make the scale of this circle take a little bit of time, like .25 of a second … when I try to make this with a timeline node it gets messy.
Here what I did,

first of all I spawned the circle (which is a different class) at the location of the character on the X and Y axes but I set the Z axis to -5 because it doesn’t change during the game, and spawn it at the scale of 1.5 to fit the character

then check the value of the Y axis and if it is more than zero (I am on my side of the map which is the right side) then set “canCatch” boolean variable to true

if true, set my location as my character’s location but change the scale of the circle to be 5

if false, (when I move to other side of the map), set my location to the character’s location, but set the scale value to 1.5
and it works very well.

and I made 2 timeline nodes, each one is .25 a second, and a float to change through the duration of the timeline, in the “circleON” timeline the float value change from 1.5 to 5 and vise verse in the “circleOFF” timeline. But when I connect these nodes the whole thing goes wrong and there is no animation works.

please help

sorry for the long thread and thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hey Grot13. Thank you very much for your response :slight_smile: , but unfortunately it didn’t work either.