Problem With Time Attack Racer Tutorial

When I try attach “Array Element” to the “Target” it says that "Actor refeference is not compatible with CheckPointReference. But I have done everything exactly in the same way which is done in tutorial. By the way “CheckPointCleared” is an “Event Dispatcher” which is in another blueprint. Actually I have read to learn what it is but I don’t understand exactly. If “CheckPointCleared” were a function which is in another blueprint, should I cast that blueprint to acces it’s function right? I mean since it is an “Event Dispatcher” I dont have to get a reference for that blueprint? I am a bit confused guys. Please help me.

English is not my mother language so sorry for mistakes.

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This is the tutorial link and that guy is making this at 10.45-10.50.

The Array Variable is of type Actor, not CheckPoint. To be able to bind to it, you need to either change the variable type of your Array or cast the Array Element to the CheckPoint type.


I have a problem where I keep getting the following error:
Blueprint runtime error: Accessed none trying to read property CallFunc_Array_Get_Item2 from function “Lap Check” from node Set Respawnlocation in lapcheck in object tracker

Everything seems in order following the below tutorial.

Could you tell me what I am doing wrong