Problem with Tiles

i’m creating a 2d side scroller game and I made some tile sprites and theirs actor.
At the beginning I placed some tile’s actor and create a Jump-Pad Placim mecchanism. when I click ‘E’ a linetrace detect the tile’s actor (e.g. hit actor= cast to Tile-5) and spawn the jump-pad actor above that tile.
However placing tile’s actor is difficult so I decided to create a tileset… but the tiles in tileset are only sprites without blueprint and so I can’t do noting with that in their blueprint or neither cast to them… searching on the internet there’s a plugin that makes possible to place actors in the tilemap but it’s out to date… Any method of placing actor in tilemap or place ator in a grid will be grateful

You can create a new blueprint actor and add the tileset as a new component, then cast to that blueprint.