Problem with tileable objects

Hi there,

I’m pretty new to UE4 so maybe it is something really simple i’m missing in this case but i keep getting these color differences between seamless tileable objects.
I tried to use higher light maps, different matierals, playing around with settings but i can’t find a way to fix it.

Hopefully someone can tell me what to do to make the problem disappear because i get really annoyed by it :stuck_out_tongue:


It can be very difficult to fix that issue. In your case, either avoid constructing things that way, or you can actually just use a single mesh for each part and scale it to reach the length you need instead of making it out of multiple objects.

Read this and try these suggestions,

Try putting seams in places where there would be seams in real life, or hiding them. You can try putting another mesh or something on top of the seams as well.

Unfortunately the link to the image is dead inside that thread link - you don’t happen to have it do you?

Unfortunately I don’t but the text explains what the image was showing.

I tried ZacD’s suggestion but it doesn’t solve my problem.
I think it might be a normal issue, so i’m open to suggestions again :slight_smile:

I recommend to start with this thread
If it does not help then probably you should read Lighting Troubleshooting Guide

Thank you zeOrb, going to take a look at it.