Problem with the Play Node

Hey everyone, I have a pretty basic question here which I haven’t been able to find the answer for anywhere else.
I’ve been trying to play an animation using Blueprints. Essentially when I press Space, the animation has to play. I’ve been using the ‘Play’ node for that, which targets a Skeletal Mesh Component.

Now, each time I start my game, the animation plays only the first time I press Space. It doesn’t play for any Space press after that.
I’ve also got a projectile that’s supposed to fire each time I press Space, and that bit is working just fine, so I’m wondering why the animation bit isn’t working.

I’d really appreciate any help you guys can give me. I’m relatively new to Unreal, and would like any advice you all have to offer.

I think for this kind of system the common practice is to use Animation Montage: Epic Doc

I don’t know why your animation play only once, i did a test on a CharacterBP, it works just fine:
When I press W the guy play walk animation, when I release he stops, if I press again he plays again.

Hello there, thanks a lot for this suggestion. I was using ‘Play’ instead of ‘Play Animation’ earlier, so that’s why I think it didn’t work. I do have another question though. If I want to play my animation faster, is there a way to do it with this node? I tried increasing my PlayRate, but that didn’t work.

You definetly have to use Montage, you’ll have all the options you need like play rate, and more.

Oh alright sure, I’ll go watch some tutorials on it straight away. Thanks a lot!

Okay so I learnt how to make montages like you suggested. In this case though I just have one animation to play, but I’ll have to use a montage for it to regulate the speed. However, the montage isn’t playing at all upon being called. Do you see any mistake I’ve made in these screenshots?

I guess you forgot or did not know that you need to add the slot “Magos” you created to your animBP so it knows it has to play it.

If that so, open your AnimBlueprint and add it to the AnimGraph:

Right click and add DefaultSlot
Then select the node, and in detail panel you’ll have the chance to add you created slot “Magos”.

good luck

I’m using an Animation Asset and not an AnimBP. What should I do in this case? I animated my mesh in Blender and exported the animation.

I guess you got a magician character that will use this “LeftArmSwingMontage” you created?

How his movement is set up? whithout Animation Blueprint?
if that so I recomend to throw an eye to it : Epic Doc on AnimBP

Also, you got a solid exemple of movement set up with the thid and first person template…

There are essentially 3 meshes that make my mage up. The main body, the right hand, and the left hand. Only the hands have been animated. I added these 3 meshes separately to a new character blueprint that I created.
I had created these meshes in blender, where I had animated each hand separately. I couldn’t combine them because their animations would’ve gotten messed up, and I didn’t know what other method to use since I’m just a beginner.

I’m no expert, but I see no valid reason here to set up a character with 3 skeletal meshes. Unless it’s planned that your guy will change hands.
You could create individual animations for the hands, the body, anything but keeping only one SkeletalMesh and then blend those (Animations) with an AnimBP, that’s what they are mainly made for (in my understanding) and that’s why they are so powerfull…

Check the ThirdPersonTemplate, and try to study the movement set up with the animBP, how the CharacterBP send info to the AnimBP, which by itself decide what Animation should be played, this tool by itself is a gem. You can basically do anything with it.
From simple montage like above to really complex IK setup, and probably a ton I’m not awaree of.

Is there no way to do it with an Animation Asset though?

Everything is possible, but why derivate from good practice when there is no Technical/Design reason?
You’ll have a better chance if you post your question on the Animation section, where a bunch of great animators wander.

Hey I just figured out a way to do it. I simply increased the Play Rate of my Animation Asset, and that did the deed!