Problem with the Material Editor

Hi ! I am french so for begin, sorry for my bad English.
I don’t know if i post my thread in the best section, but if not i am sorry :confused: !

I would like to have your help : I explain my problem.
I created a material editor and, not on purpose, i made handling Ctrl + Z. But now, i have just the title of the material for example, but i don’t have the elements base color, metallic and other, just the title ! If i put in the graph a texture sample, same thing, just the title…
I tried to restart my Unreal Engine and same thing, just the title…
I would like to have the same as before, meaning the title and the elements for continue my material, but i don’t know how to reappear that…

Thanks in advance !

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but there is a small arrow at the right top of your nodes. When you click there you should see the entire node and not just the title :slight_smile:
Are you sure that you just use a material? (not a material function,…)