Problem with the import from 3ds max

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the import from 3ds max.

I have a object (a simple box) in 3ds max, and y go to export this objetc, select fbx, and export, units in “automatically”

but when I import the object unreal engine 4, the object is not seen, if seen in the square below, but not where I put it , even coordinate arrows appear, but not seen.

Im desesperate.

And sorry for my language I do not speak English very well.

Image with the problem:


Sounds like it’s too small, or too big.

You should make sure that “system units” are centimeters in Units Setup in 3ds Max.
Then make sure that when you export to FBX, you do not use “automatic” units, but instead configure “centimeters” as unit.

Also the mesh could be too far from the center of the scene. UE4 places the pivot for a mesh at 0,0,0 no matter where the object is at in 3ds max.