Problem with the health bar

Hey everyone !
I’ve done this totorial from unreal engine (3 – Scripting and Displaying Player Condition) and i have a small problem . When I launch the game my health hud is at 0 and i don’t know how to set it to a default value when i start the game.
Help is appreciated (and needed x) ). :slight_smile:


You need open MyCharacter BP, and set default value

Yeah I did that but it doesn’t work :confused: (thanks for the fast reply )

Is the problem with the Health variable or with the HUD? If you want to check the variable itself, print a string telling you its value. Or maybe the HUD and the variable aren’t connected? If you can’t figure it out, take a screenshot and share.

if i was to take a shot at it I think you dont have the health value in the HUD attached to the bind.

I repeated this tutorial, and get positive result. If you set data in MyCharacter BP for default value, probably you need check binded function in Health progress bar.

PS: UE 4.7.6

ok thanks guys