Problem with the Dialogue Typewriter Widget


I was testing out the dialogue widget I created by following the tutorial, but the displayed text when simulating goes outside the screen despite border being set up. Any solutions to that?

I’m also wondering how I can connect these variables to get the dialogue from the String Table, and if the dialogue has no voiceover, how I can make it detect the “space” so it’ll stop playing the beep sound when typewriting?

Note the Hierarchy.

Hello, you must wrap the text for that. Is very simple. You can use ‘auto wrap’ or set a value to wrap at. I personally like to use ‘wrap text at’.


If your box/border width has 900px for example, you could wrap at 890 (just for example).

Are you converting strings to text to use on your widget?

I’ll look into that wrapping later… if it’s there.

Haven’t completely made the Options functional yet, but I’m trying to make it tied to the Dialogue String tables, based on the game’s selected language.

For ex. if English is selected, English String Tables are used.

Oh, but I don’t think you need all that work for this. You could use Localization Dashboard to get all the texts, translate it and then call inside your widget using ‘Set Current Culture’ node.

For my game, I’m using ‘combo box’ and from the selected item (string) I connect to the ‘Set Current Culture’ node and automatically updates all the texts from the game to the desired language (of course, you must translate it before).

There is also a good tutorial from Unreal that I’ve used to implement on my game.

This is a very long video, but its good. There is shorter videos and I think it works the same way. The implementation is pretty simple, but in this video they explain everything more detailed