Problem with the Character Viewport

So I have this problem …

My UE crashed and after I started it back up, the viewport of my Paper Characters was just blank. After some searching, I selected a component and pressed f to realign the camera and this is what happened:

It might be hard to see in the screenshot, but all the components, except the camera, and the cube I added right now as a test, meaning the capsule component, collision boxes, the spring arm and the sprite are mashed together on the Y-axis. I can move the camera of the Viewport only on the y-axis as well. Strangely enough, the particle system works perfectly fine.

If I try to play, everything is normal too, it’s just the viewport that’s broken. :frowning:

If anyone can help me I would be very grateful.

Edit: AHHHH HELP WHAT IS HAPPENING My Player Character works fine now, the other Characters are still broken, AND I DIND’T DO ANYTHING :x

Edit 2: Player Character viewport broken again, just end me pls TwT

Hi, there! Can you try this? alt text

Sadly didn’t work. Thx for the reply though! :slight_smile: