Problem with the character movement and camera

Hi, I’m almost new in unreal, and I’m working on a space game where the character moves in zero gravity. I have some issues with the movement of the player, specially with the camera. The character movement is flying, and I can move up and down going forward to the direction of the camera, and I want the view pitch max and min to update after moving forward depending on the orientation of the character, so that it always goes the same in relation to the camera. Then, the player can rotate in the X (Roll) Axis, but when it goes upside down, the controls are inverted. Lastly i have set the world gravity to be 0, but the character stops moving which doesn’t make sense for 0 gravity. I have been dealing with these problems for a whole month but I don’t find a solution so I would appreciate any help. (By the way, i’m working with blueprints on the third person template).