Problem with textures

Hello, I have a serious problem, need to do a round wall, it’ll make a maze, the problem is that I can not make the texture work the way I want.

On the left, I created a circle which is separated into several sides, so if I apply the texture he applies to each “part” in the right texture is right, but the problem is that I can not for example do a “door” to enter into the circle, because it is static mesh.


Anyone can help me please?

You need to create a material if you want to apply a texture to a static mesh.

Hello eskstyle,

it seems that you used a cylindrical BSP brush to create your ‘chambers’. To create a door, you need to delete some faces to create a ‘break-through’. Simply switch to geometry editing mode, select faces and click on ‘delete’. The open ends can be closed by selecting the vertices clockwise and then clicking ‘create’. Then you can add some more BSP brushes to create a door or insert a static mesh. The BSP variant could for example look like this:


Hope that helped.

Hi, my problem is with texture, if I apply the texture in this model you posted, it will be wrong, it will be split into several parts. In my picture on the left is wrong, the right side is right, but it is static mesh and I can not make doors, windows, etc.

Static meshes are mainly for minimising the bsp load of many objects of the same kind so if you just make that from polys instead it won’t harm much. Also I was sure you could turn a static back in to bsps somewhere in UEd and also you can manipulate the texture properties on each face then or lightmap it somewhere and add the holes needed.

Have you tried to change the UV scale? Either in the material, or in the details panel of a selected BSP surface (under ‘Surface Properties’).

Idk how to do this D: but I tried, maybe some video?

Sorry, a video is currently not possible.

To change the UV tiling in the material, you

  1. create a ‘TextureCoordinate’ node and plug it into the ‘UVs’ pin of the ‘TextureSample’ node
  2. click on the ‘TextureCoordinate’ node and change the ‘UTiling’ and ‘VTiling’ properties

See also

To change the UV scale in the BSP surface, you

  1. select a surface with Ctrl + Shift + Left Click on it
  2. change the properties under ‘Details’ -> ‘Surface Properties’ -> ‘Scale’

See also

I already tried, but unsuccessfully.