Problem With texture

I’m using Unreal Engine 4.17

And I create a small game with a big city that I import from Garr’ys mod

The whole map is Texturer but it is marred by triangle one can everywhere

The material 0 is the cause, I want to clarify that the map comes from C4D

Here is my problem: 2017 08 21 02 59 03 - YouTube

Can you upload a fbx of that model and show your C4D export and UE4 Import Settings please?
Things like that can have a multitude of reasons and i don’t like to rule them out one after another if i can do it with one quick look at the file and your export/import settings.

Looks like your material is applied differently based on the triangle faces. Does the map look like this in C4D?

Hmm, very interesting one problem, nothing to say