Problem with texture

Hi alll…
When i import a .fbx aparte character i can’t see the texture…i wait for the shadows but when it end i can see the object all white…

You should post a screenshot(s) of your issue, it will help others to diagnose your problem.

I ve imported two mesh but all the texture are white…why?

Just import your texture manually -> export it from the 3d program - import - assign it in the material
Otherwise -> which 3d program do you use? :slight_smile:

i downlaod it from the web xD

In most of the cases they have included the texture in the package -> just import it. Otherwise open the file in a 3d program and do the steps above :wink:

ok blender can do it right?

Depends on the file -> but in most of the cases blender can do the job

I see the object all whyte woith blender…it’s the object fault?
Whatever fbx files…i have to import the texture from internet?