Problem with texture stretching on uv's

Hi all !
Recently we ran into an issue where we would get odd texture stretching in Ue4; the textures are being displayed correctly in other applications ( zbrush , maya , max and painter) but in ue4 a problem occurs - stretching on long narrow or smaller faces. (see image)

We have already tried remaking parts of the mesh or re-doing the uv’s but then the problem occurs on other parts of the mesh that were previously fine!
In addition to that this not the only mesh the problem occurs we have this issue with multiple meshes. Its the same story every time ; the uv’s are layed out correctly but in ue4 there is alot of stretching that occurs.

We would highly appreciate any input on this matter since we are completely lost!

Kind Regards

Hi, I am having the same exact issue and am not sure what it is!!!

I have the same. Has anyone found a solution?

I have the exact same issue, have anyone found any solution?

There’s a number of topics started about that particular issue, though it could be caused by one of a number of different things. One of the effective solutions I’ve seen is tri-planar mapping, so do a search of it if haven’t already.

Are you using multi UDIM textures (virtual streaming textures)?
I found that enabling Use High Precision UVs helps on StaticMeshes in that case, however they don’t seem to do much on Skelmeshes.


I had the same issue before. It was due to the way UE triangulated faces. Some triangular direction (either the forward or backward slash) had bad programming. It looked exactly the same as how i first did my programming for “unwrap” for procedural meshes. Causing the texture to deform even if you have perfect texturing seen in other programs.

I have the same problem, could you tell us how you fixed the issues with triangulated faces?

This was my thread on the issue. Hope you can make sense of it.

Thanks, that worked