Problem with "Strafe", "Fall" animations and with model mesh is snaping to camera to hard.

Hi, everyone. My name is Erick.
I have a few small problems with which I struggle :frowning:
I tried to find solutions and answers on the internet and after two days no much results.
I hope someone can help me here
And I am sorry for my English, if ishard to understand description of my problems.
First problem, I would like to have an animation of “Jump” only when I am jumping and animation of “Fall” only when I stand on the ground and fall from the age or when I fall to platform lower. I do not want play animation of falling after jumping when my character is still in the air and is falling on the ground. Right now when I am jumping animation of “Jump” is playing the way I want, but I do not know how to set up animation of falling so could play when I fall to lower platform. Right now when I fall to a lower platform I have the animation of Jump
How to set this up in blueprints and event graf correctly?

Second problem I have with “Strafe”, I want to play strafe animation when I press and hold “Left Alt” (exactly it is animation inside blend space).
I managed set up “Left Alt” to work with movement but I do not know how to set up animation (blend space) to play.

Third problem I have when I press left alt my whole character is snaping to the camera to fast/ hard, is there the way to make this transition smooth?

I am not a programmer, and this part is hard for me, but I do not give up, I am still learning, so please, forgive me if my logic in blueprints is wrong and funny.:stuck_out_tongue:

Hope for some suggestions or solutions, I really want move on with my small project and make progress:)
I hope pictures will help to understand me better :stuck_out_tongue: