Problem with static mesh / Surface drawing incorrect / Blender

Hello, i hope i’m in the right channel.

I started working with Blender to create my own 3d meshs. In blender and Windows 3d Viewer my work is looking good. But after importing it to UE the surface are looking like they are fliped. I tried to recalculate the outside in Blender but that don’t work and with Backface Culling it looks good.

I attached the Blender File and the FBX File.

This it what it looks like in UE, looks like you could see the inside of it.

I would be very happy about help

This are my import parameters:

For Export is use Blender Addon “Import-Export: Blender for UnrealEngine”

Postscript i tried also with a Texture by UV Shading but that also don’t work.

Very good! It worked for me too. And it wasn’t by design that it wasn’t centered. I think it happend cause i scaled down without Edit Mode. Many thanks for the help!