Problem with spawn and destroy triggers

Hi guys! I need your help very much. I have two triggers in my blueprint. One of them “number 1” is create next platform from one of the spawn points and another “number 2” is destroy actor(player) when it misses platform and falls down. But very often I have errors like on the screenshot with errors. And in this case the first trigger doesn’t work i think. Actor is not destroyed but I get game over message.

I cannot find any reasons why it happens. Did anyone have such a similar situation? I’ll be grateful for any suggestion

That just means you have deleted the platform BP or some BP in your level that you then tried to call a function on. You can avoid this by using the “is valid” node on the actor giving you the error before you use it in any functions.

Thank you for the answer! Can you please show me some example, where this “is valid” node should be in BP? Thanks!

Hey, thanks, man! I am a little bit closer to solve this problem but here is my situation. I have an error in rolling game mode blueprint and I get object and check if it is valid before use it. But then, I want to “Spawn platform” from my gamemode and field "object in this case is empty, and it gives me an error. GetGameMode node doesn’t work