Problem with spawn AI from class (BP)

I’m trying to spawn a pawn using my player character but it’s not working, I’ve been following these tutorials:

and am now on tutorial 3 but the sentry turret doesn’t spawn when the fire button is pressed, here are the blueprints:

there’s nothing wrong with the input itself and the branch is set to true so I think the problem might be with the spawn function itself, or that the tutorials are out of date.

Any screenshots of a potential fix would be most welcome thanks!

Also might want to look at the World Outliner window and see if it spawned in another position. Maybe it’s falling down the world or something.
Can you set a breakpoint on the node to verify that the node is being executed?

sorry I’m still new to UE, how do I set a breakpoint? I’m pretty sure it’s appearing in the right place because I have a line trace going to its location.

right click SpawnAIFromClass node and select “add breakpoin” from the dropdown. Then play the game. The game should stop right before executing that node.

ok sorry its late (lost my internet) I added a breakpoint to the node and it is being executed but nothing happens I stepped out into the editor and couldn’t find any references to the turret in the hierarchy.

the turret actual is a pawn so that should work. do I need to attach the turrets behaviour tree? the location and rotation should be fine. what does the no collision fail bool do?