Problem with sound based vibration for dualsense on multiple platforms.


Stuck with a problem recently, while creating sounds for dualsense vibration.

For this sounds I’ve created an endpoint submix with vibration output which I’ve set into the sound’s base submix and while I play on ps5 - this sounds do their vibration stuff and doesn’t produce any unwanted noise into the speakers and the same goes for the play in editor mode - they are completely silent, but on the PC and XBOX builds of the game this sounds are playing in the speakers which cause a lot of troubles.

My temporary solution is that I’ve created for this sounds specific sound class to turn them of before creating builds for pc and xbox by putting their volume to zero, but maybe there is a much simpler solution to separate them for different consoles without turning them off or removing?

I’ve tried to set in sounds class settings to output them into controller, but these vibration sounds just stopped to play at all.