Problem with smooth movement for actors

Currently I’m trying to create an auto-spawn system where it spawns different types of actors (cubes, spheres and cylinders) and let them move along some pre-defined paths. However, instead of moving along the path, they will literally draw a line along the path because there are too many spawned. I’m not sure where I did wrong.

This is what I have in one of my actors to let them move along one of the paths:

This is one of the Move Path functions that will decide which point the actor would go to based on how many points on the path it has visited:

This is the function that I actually used lerp to change the location of the actor:

This is the blueprint that utilizes those actors to spawn them so they could move along the path:

Please let me know where I did wrong and how I can fix it. Thanks!

You are spawning new actors every tick (on your last pic). Put that part in begin play, it should spawn only 3, and then you can see if the rest of what you did works. And then later you should spawn them elsewhere, with a timeline or an event or whatever you want to use to spawn them.

Thanks for your advice! I hooked it up with BeginPlay and found and fixed a bug that I didn’t expect. Now I can spawn actors based on time with Set Timer by Function Name. Thank you for your help!