Problem with simulated bones in game and advices for cape cloth

Hello everyone!

This is my first thread on this forum! (But not the last as I have a lot of problems with the project I am working on xD)
Right now I am working on a character model and I also want to create a controler for it in UE4.
My character has a lot of parts that need to be simulated in order to achieve a good result.
The bones that need to be simulated are for chains, breast and some jiggly bone on its cape.

So I used P.H.A.T to create all the physic properties of the ragdoll and of the jiggly parts.
In order to see how the model looks like once animated, I retarget the skeleton from the default character to mine and set my values until it looked good in the viewport of P.H.A.T.

Everything was looking great (still some tweaks) but when I started to work on the controler using the ThirdPersonCharacter as base, the result isn’t the same at all and some bones are really messy and don’t act as in P.H.A.T at all.

To show you guys what I mean here is the video inside P.H.A.T:

And here is the one animated and controled in game:

Ok first you might want to look at the chains on the right side of the video. It just jitter so much, I don’t understand what is going on there…
Second thing not working properly are the “antenna” things of the cape. Seriously what is going on here xD?
The breast bones look OK to me, at least they aren’t messy.

So I was wondering, is there an option or something that need to be ticked in order to get the same result as in P.H.A.T? Or is it just that the bone constraints not set properly :/.

Some more infos about my character, you will notice in the in game video that the character is off the ground.
This is due to the retargeting of the animation on my skeleton and I don’t know how to fix this (if you know how to solve this issue too…)

Also, you will notice that my character need to have a proper cape. This is not an easy task to achieve and if you have any advices on how I could make it look spectacular that’d be great :). The result I have right now could be worse but I think there is a proper way to do those kind of cloth.
(Also if Rocksteady could share their knowledge on Batman’s cloth that’d be great xD)

Thank you in advance and sorry for that long post :S

Gonna bump because I am still having the issues listed below.
Maybe I should give a try at the AnswerHub :S