Problem with Simple Movement

Hello Guys. I’m working on a small project called “The Hungry Monkey” which the player can only move(well technically teleport since there’s no movement animation, only the warp) from 3 spots(A,B,C). But the player can’t move from A to C directly. The player has to move first to B and then to C. (Using the Up and Down button on the keyboard which was already binded as action Input).


NOTE: Game starts with player on the B spot.

So far I’m struggling trying to perform this with BluePrints. I’ve tried performing it and so far I only get it to move from A to C, but there’s no way I make it go to B. From A it teleports to C, and viceversa.

So I am Using a controller(I guess it’s pawnController which was already added on the world settings. Don’t worry about that) which has this code:

I know it doesnt look so good, but I’m really struggling with this. Will appreciate any help!

Let me know if you need more information!

Dunno if this will help you, but ill try.

If I understood you, the Player, when you press Down being in C, it go B->A instead directly A right? Anyway I can’t find why you have that code just in the middle without any connection. I mean, they never happen (a tip, Use “debug filter” while trying the game in order to see the Data flow).

Imo, I guess you should redo the code and do it step by step, trying understaying what you are doing.

I would do this:

Actually When player is on C and presses down, the player shouldn’t be able to move. But when player is in A, and presses down, it should move to B. And if player is on B and presses Down again, the player should move to C. Same Logic with UP.


I’ll try to do something by looking your code. Thanks for your help. Still it’s hard for me to understand, so if you got anything else you could help me with it, I’ll be very thankful!

In the code that I posted before Position A equal 0, Position B 1 and Position C 2. so in the Switch on Int (that filter a possible result with a int value), just break link 0 when Press UP, and break link 2 when Press DOWN.

I got it to work. Thanks bro!