problem with shots

Hi all…
I ve created this blueprint sistem for shot but when i press the left click of the mouse i can hear only the sound…but nothing spawn and nothing hit the block…what i wrong? Ps how i can create the anime montage for do fire?

I can barely read that blueprint, please use zoom 1 when taking screenshots.

I think your shot is being spawned, but your transform is wrong because you need to rotate the look vector by [1,0,0], not [0,0,0].

it doesn’t shot…
I can hear only the sound after the shot(after the spawn)

Check the Scene Outline after you’ve shot for an instance of that spawned Actor. If you can’t find it, then it might not be spawned.
If you CAN find it, then your Transform is wrong (which Slayemin already told you). You are rotating the NullVector. That is still
the NullVector if i’m not mistaken. Check you Vectors!

i done like slame said… now is 1.0.0

Put breakpoints on your code and see what is happening.

i seen that the object spawn but don’t move…

Spawning a projectile does not mean that it just magically flies for you. Have you made any logic for it to move?
For example adding something to the ForwardVector direction on EventTick?

sorry for the stupid quest exi but all this rotate and trasform don’t make it move?
I wronged there right?
Can yo explain me better?

No, they don’t make it move. They just make the place where it spawns.

In your “Projectile” blueprint, take the Event Tick and use the Location SET and GET to add movement in a specific direction.
You could also handle that with the “ProjectileComponent”, but sadly i have no idea how this thing works.

Something like this:

Then you would only need to get the correct rotation for the Spawn, so that the newly spawned actor faces the direction you want it to fly.

Lol why i can shoot laterally?
I want to shoot only from the gun xD
That high mesh on the left is my bullet(i have growed only for see)

maybe i have to give a mesh variable to the gun?