Problem with SetSimulatePhysics and actors going through others

Hi, I’ve set a system to be able to simulate physics for special BP actors and pause simulation with two different keys (input actions). To Simulate I call SetSimulatePhysics and set it to True and to Pause I set it to False.

If I hit the key to Simulate and do no pausing everything goes alright. But if I Pause, although the actors stops in the expected way, when I hit Simulate again so they continue falling and moving, if two actors are closer to each other than 300-400 units, they go through each other! But they collide fine with further actors!

What exactly happens when one calls SetSimulatePhysics? The only thing I can think of that could cause the change in behaviour if pausing or not is that some variables are changed when SetSimulatePhysics is set to False (Pause action) but aren’t recovered when setting it to True (Simulate key action).

Any suggestions to face the problem would be welcome.

I’ve now taken away a fragment of BP that temporaly disabled collision, and the problem happens less often, but is still there. There are no other pieces of BP affecting collision directly in the Blueprint.

Any ideas?