Problem with Sequencer and adding multiple animation tracks for a Metahuman


In Maya when I add multiple animation layers, it doesn’t matter what you do to the joints in the new layer - if you don’t key a joint - Maya just ignores whatever you’ve done to that joint - like you can move the shoulder 90 degrees but if you don’t key the new position, it’s ignored.

In Sequencer, when I add a new animation track - say I have an existing track with a walk cycle and the new animation track contains movement for the head - and it’s all using the same skeleton - even though all I have done is key the head in the second animation track…Sequencer is reading the data for all the other joints in the skeleton which are in the A pose in the second animation track and it’s messing with the arms and legs in the walk cycle from the first track.

I’m not quite sure what the behaviour is meant to be, but it’s quite annoying because I can’t really add more than one animation track to a Metahuman.