problem with sequence playback bounds in sequencer

I’m setting the sequence’s start and end playback section bounds manually, but often at least one (start or end) is being pushed back or forward a preset “time snapping interval” (see picture).

I disabled that function in settings but it keeps happening which is annoying because my scene either is automatically reset to start before the zero point or end a preferred interval (eg +30 frames) later.

I keep moving the section bounds and resaving the scenes but sometimes it happens even when a scene is closed and saved.

How to effectively disable it?


If I understand you correctly, I think you’re saying that the green and red playback bounds are changing automatically? If so, it’s because you have turned on a setting, “Keep Playback Range in Section Bounds”.


This setting keeps the playback range bounded by the bounds of the keyframes and sections (like camera cuts and audio clips). This is normally off by default for Sequencer, but some some users like to have the option so we’ve exposed it. If you use UMG’s Sequencer, it will be on by default because UMG users prefer to have that behavior.

Hope that helps.


Hey Max,
thank you for your answer.

After I posted it, it occured to me that there might not be connection to fixed interval.

Yes, the problem is that the green and red bounds change automatically.

So if I switch this setting off, the sequence will play as set by the green and red, right?

What still puzzles me, though, is that the bounds move even if there’s no frame or anything in the sections that would justify the movement - as in the screenshot attached with “interval added”.

Yes, that’s the correct. And actually, the sequence always plays from the green to red (unless otherwise specified). This setting just controls whether they green and red markers should update automatically based on the bounds of your keyframes and sections.