Problem with scale texture from sketchup after datasmith

Good morning to everyone,

I am new to Unreal Engine and I am having some issues while trying to import my Sketchup models using Datasmith.

When I import some datasmith model, the design and scale are well imported but when I try to use some textures from the “started content pack”, the proportions of the texture get wrong.

I enclose some images: sketchup model, unreal engine import, texture problem compared with a cube a created in unreal engine, texture close up.

Thank you for your help.


I’ve seen this problem as well and I think it happens if you apply materials on the groups and components in SketchUp instead of on the faces in the groups/components. The same when you apply a material without a texture in SketchUp. In those two cases, UVs are scaled totally different when datasmith exports/imports.

So in short, in SketchUp;

  • apply materials always on the faces directly.
  • if you just need a color and no texture, apply a white texture in sketchup and mix it with the color you want using the color slider in SketchUp.

But in this case, the object is not a group in Sketchup, and it has no materials. I want to paint it with the materials from the Started Pack, and that is when this happens.

You get the same problem if you apply a material without a texture in SketchUp or don’t apply a material at all.
In those cases, Unreal / Datasmith creates UVs for you and these UVs are scaled very small.

So; just apply some material with a texture in SketchUp and apply materials from the starter pack in UE and you’re fine.