Problem with scale texture from sketchup after datasmith

Good morning to everyone,

I am new to Unreal Engine and I am having some issues while trying to import my Sketchup models using Datasmith.

When I import some datasmith model, the design and scale are well imported but when I try to use some textures from the “started content pack”, the proportions of the texture get wrong.

I enclose some images: sketchup model, unreal engine import, texture problem compared with a cube a created in unreal engine, texture close up.

Thank you for your help.


I’ve seen this problem as well and I think it happens if you apply materials on the groups and components in SketchUp instead of on the faces in the groups/components. The same when you apply a material without a texture in SketchUp. In those two cases, UVs are scaled totally different when datasmith exports/imports.

So in short, in SketchUp;

  • apply materials always on the faces directly.
  • if you just need a color and no texture, apply a white texture in sketchup and mix it with the color you want using the color slider in SketchUp.

But in this case, the object is not a group in Sketchup, and it has no materials. I want to paint it with the materials from the Started Pack, and that is when this happens.

You get the same problem if you apply a material without a texture in SketchUp or don’t apply a material at all.
In those cases, Unreal / Datasmith creates UVs for you and these UVs are scaled very small.

So; just apply some material with a texture in SketchUp and apply materials from the starter pack in UE and you’re fine.

I only find one Solution , was to put the textures inside the block, and not put the texture directly in the group. by placing in the group without entering it directly you will place textures on both sides of the material with the wrong scales and this way you will also have problems with the channel 1.
if you already have a whole 3d textured the wrong way you can export to blender, unwrap and export to skectup (collada), the put the texturas only when open the group and then export with the plugin to unreal.

As a newbie I suffered from this same problem and I ended up using a method that seemed a bit dumb. I imported different colored textures of size 1m by 1m within Sketchup so that when using datasmith to import to unreal engine and then using ue’s textures, they would appear at a reasonable scale instead of an extremely reduced scale.