Problem with saving a variable

I’m making an options menu with an option to stop the music. So I added the sound cue to a blank level (it’s an UMG-only game) and created some variables to check when the music stops and when it plays. It was working fine, but then I deleted by accident the sound cue from the level. After I re-added the sound cue, the “music check” system stopped working. After some debug I found that the variable that I am setting to allow the music check isn’t saving properly, it’s always saving false. I’ve tested all the connections, all the “cast to save” nodes, all the “Save game to slot” nodes, and everything is “fine”.

Fortunately for me, I have a backup with the check system working, but I don’t know what’s wrong.

I think it’s worth saying that, im my search, I found that only one variable isn’t saving with the correct value, and the “save game to slot” node that is saving this variable is outputting true. And even if I change this variable to another value, or another type, even to another variable, still it doesn’t save properly, always returning the default value.

I’m posting screenshots of the backup (working) and of the actual project.


Options Widget

When Save button (voltar) is clicked, check if the player changed something, if yes, then save the changes, if no, simply remove the options from the UI.

Level BP

Keep checking if the player modified an option, when yes, check if the player wants to play or to stop the music and store some variables.


Options Widget:

It’s equal to the first one.

Level BP:

I just changed a little bit. I did all the checking in a macro, but it is equal too.