Problem with savesystem on Build

Hi’ I managed to create a savesystem for my game. It use to work and in fact it is still working when I test my gamne on the editor. The main problem being, when I do a package of my game it seem to generate a preexisting save file instead of creating one with the default value in my savegame class(all in blue print, no c++)

Here How I know that.

Normally when a game start and there is no preexisting savefile, it create a ui asking for the device selection and it goes to the mainmenu. This device selection(its a different map) appear only when there is no savefile available, after that, the save file is created during the device selection,

It work pretty much in the editor, all I have to do is erare the save file to start again always. When I did the last few build however, it launch me directly in the main menu without going throught the device selection and some valu still seem keep in the save file such as my position in one of the level.

My question is simple, How come I have these kind of data in my build. I even try to delete the save file of my project before building the game, its still seem to create a save file everttime.