Problem with root motion

Hello, unreal community! Yesterday i have post question in ue4 answerhub, but looks like no one noticed. Maybe here someone can help? I can’t understand why ‘Move’ animation blends with ‘Jump’ animation.

well blend means blend… while one animation is going from weight 1 to 0, the other is going 0 to 1… it is blending exactly as you designed it… soooo… ummm… hmmm… somehow in the transition you want the blend to jump from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 in one tick rather than say, 1 second… ?

i’m guessing this is for a wall climbing type action/game? umm, when I made my ladder I just changed the ‘walk angle to 90 degrees’ in the character properties… but other than that I just use the state machine in its basic config except for a head turn on a keystroke…

you might go looking for wall climbing systems in youtube, you might find the missing piece there… don’t know if this was of any help, but i’m just a guy :slight_smile:


Hey, northstar, thank you for your reply.

Yeah, i understand that:) But for this case i use ‘Custom Blend’ and in simple project i don’t blend animation between states, but connect Destination Pose straight to the Custom Transition Blend Result (this is just for example).
I noticed that inside custom blend when pose is ‘ticking’ (Evaluator mode set to ‘Standart’) and not connected to Custom Transition Blend Result, ticked pose influence on root motion (however there is no blend between Source Pose and Destination Pose). You can’t clearly see this in my simplified, but in my real project i see this effect. For example if i connect Destination Pose to Blend Result my character playing Destination Pose, but root motion is still blending with Source Pose.

Yes, you are right. I’m trying to implement ladder climbing (and many more things), but without separate root motion blending i can’t do this properly.