Problem With Root Motion Animation Montage

I have a problem that are making me lose my mind a few days ago.
m still learning how to use some resources from UE4 and i got myself stuck in one thing - Root Motion.
I caught a character and a few animations in mixamo to train animation things and i was making progress until i start to learn how to use root motion.

I have the root motion box marked in every animation that needs the root motion, and in the AnimBP the Root Motion Mode is set in Root Motion from Montages Only.

And i’m trying to do this with a animation that makes the character do a simple dive jump.
But… In the Animation Asset i turn on the Process Root Motion and the animation is playing going to the sides and not going straight front.


.And in Game it’s something like that gif.


The animation is doing those rotations to the side when the animation start, it is a problem in the animation? Something in my project? Or something in the character that i downloaded?
And after the animation ends the character rotation goes to the side and not come back.

Any idea of what it is and how to resolve?

If you need more informations just tell me and i post it below.
Thanks for any help.