Problem with RInterp To

I’m making a project in blueprints, and my character rotates based on the angle of the analog stick. I interpolate between the last angle of the analog stick and the current using Get World Delta Seconds and an interp speed of 3.

Up until the latest patch, this worked just fine. However, upon downloading 4.11.1 and playing, I noticed that my character would get stuck during interpolation. Rather than transitioning from, say, 3 degrees to -98 degrees smoothly as it had in the past, it smoothly rotates to about halfway between 3 and -98 degrees and freezes there. I’ve discovered that by raising the interp speed I can minimize or eliminate this effect altogether, however, in order for it to work I have to raise the interp speed to the point where the benefits of interpolation are non existent. Can anyone explain to me why this is happening?

without a screenshot of how you setup the interpolation, Nobody can tell you anything.