Problem with rig's eyes

Hello everyone,i have a really annoying problem with my rig’s eyes in Unreal Engine 4.
Basically,when i import my .fbx rig (in t-pose) from Maya3D, Unreal cuts off the eyes (the mesh and the material too).

As you can see from here:


On Maya3D i’ve already cleaned up the model from every unsupported constraint/control,leaving only the joints and the meshes connected to them.


Also,the eyes are imported correctly into maya from the .fbx, so really i don’t know what the problem might be.
Thanks in advance for the help and sorry for my bad english,i’m italian :smiley:

This happens if the mesh has no weighted vertices towards a bone.

So basically i’ll have to paint the weights on the eyes? even if i use an Orient Contraint with them?

EDIT - Yep,that was it. Thank you very much man!!!

I don’t know Maya, because I’m using 3Ds max but that’s what I would do.

I have a similar problem. The eyes’ mesh imports with the rest of the model, but I cannot move/rotate the eyes. The eye bones are there, I can see them in the hierarchy but their names are not in bold font (unlike the font for the rest of the bones that are working). I guess this means that the eye mesh is not assigned to the eye bone? Eyes of my previous models work fine in the UE4. Maybe it is the way the model was exported into fbx? I am not able to change it. Is there a way to fix this in the UE4, please?

Could it be because the eyes are parented into the eye bones instead of skinned to the eye bones?

:smiley: Thank you very much! Yes, the eyes weren’t skinned to the bones properly. I fixed it now.