problem with rig

i’m having some problems after i import my rigged character (from blender) to Unreal engine 4.14. The file format is fbx

The problem

i can import the rigged character successfully and unreal shows the bone tree and everything but when i try to select a bone and move it my mesh doesn’t move
what am i doing wrong?? please help :slight_smile:

It’s not skinned?..

Did you get any errors or warnings at import? Usually if some weights are missing or if the bonesize is too small then you should get a warning. If you did not get a warning then I could just guess. As Obihb already wrote probably there are no weights (no vertex groups in Blender that are named exactly like the bone names with some weight assigned). Or probably you try to grab and move the IK bones that you used to modify your pose in Blender (this would not work because there are no modifiers in UE4 which tells your deform bones to follow those IK ones in the skeleton preview).