Problem with Reviewed version of App on google play store

Hello Guys,
I have a problem with my application uploaded on Google play store. App has been reviewed and now is avialble in open path, but when downloading and installing from google store I’m receiving a message that the app can not be install. Icon of it appears on the device however it is not possible to launch it. There is a message No Google Play Store Key (No OBB found and no store key to try to download).
The app is developed in UE 4.23 and is uploaded to Play Store as APK (30mb) and OBB (90mb). The key is generated according to offical UE documentation and assign to UE project. In Google Play store I have used “managing key by google”.
The same app worked very well on the internal test path in Play Store, but it stops work after reviewing.
I have created also totally fresh project (app) on the google play store and it’s again works very well on the internal test path.
I can add that on the very beginning even in the internal test path I have also problem with “No Google Play Store Key (No OBB found and no store key…” message however I have resolved it by deleting android intermediate folders from built folder, and since then everything worked fine.

Does any have similar problems? Where start to looking issues?

Which option of signing the app inside the google play store should be used for UE projects?